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How to recycle your candle jars

by Grace Anzano on Mar 15, 2021

How to recycle your candle jars

Yes... the rumors are true... candle jars are reusable!

How do you know when your candle is dead? Your candle is dead when only about 1/2" of wax remains in the jar, or if the wick can no longer catch a flame. 

Don't throw out your dead candles! Follow these quick easy steps to reuse your jars.

  1. Place your spent candle on a protective surface, like a dish towel or a potholder.
  2. Boil at least 8oz of water
  3. Pour the boiling water into the container, leaving at least an inch of space at the top.
  4. Wait! The water will melt the candle wax, causing it to float to the surface of the container.
  5. Allow the water and wax to cool completely.
  6. Pop out the remaining wax with your hands and discard.
  7. Remove the stainless steel wick clip and wick sticker.
  8. Then scrape out the remaining candle wax with a butter knife or other utensil. 
  9. Clean the jar completely with soap and water, if you want to remove the candle label you can allow it to soap and scrape it off with a wire sponge.
  10. You're done! Re-use your candle jars for anything you want (except for food).


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