what's going on at bones + co ?

we're bringing back mini's!

by Grace Anzano on Feb 15, 2022

we're bringing back mini's!

product update, woohoo! 

we are bringing back our mini tins for good this tin! with a new sleek look in a more shallow tin, our new mini candles are great for scent testers or travel candles. 

we felt like our older tins were too bulky and not sturdy enough for our standards. that being said, there will be a price increase in the mini's! Because there are so many more uses for our new mini candles, you can experience bones + co. on the go, at your desk or on vacation!

your favorite scents will now be available in 4 ounce mini tins! we're so excited. about this travel candle revamp that we're going to have a small sale! Buying three or more mini's? When you add a fourth mini to your cart it will automatically take 50% off of the fourth candle!

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